Waldpark Sports Club

The WSC Grünheide was founded at 12th November 2001. It's a sports club for everybody and work together with the Waldpark Grünheide.

Disciplines which are involved are soccer, tennis and cycling.

Times of the trainings

The persons who are interested in, can be add at the desired discipline and train with the other at the following times at the sports hall.


Monday 20:30 Uhr, Sports hall at Waldpark Grünheide

Contact: Herr Unger, Tel. 03744 8373370


every day, places for tennis at Waldpark Grünheide  

Cycling (MB)

Contact: Herr Ebert, Tel. 0157 75359866, <link http: www.team-vogtland.de _blank>www.team-vogtland.de

An enrolment is needed.


chairman: Herr Henry Bettsack
deputy chairman: Herr Knut Kirsten
treasurer: Herr Dirk Schubert

Banking Arrangements

WSC Grünheide e.V.
Konto: 3553004184
BLZ: 870 580 00
Sparkasse Vogtland