What will expect you?

  • 4 different Saunas
    Finnish Sauna, Biosauna, steam bath, infrared cabin
  • Spa atmosphere
    shower area, solarium, japanese room for courses, room for relaxing with panoramaview, different drinks
  • Courses
    for example relaxation, for the back etc.
  • Massages
    for example the back, shoulders etc.
  • a friendly and motivated team


You have the choice between the steam bath with pleasant 50 ° with a humidity of 100 %, the tylarium (bio bath) with light therapy and pleasant 60 °, the Finnish Sauna with 90° and individuel preparations of herbs suspended in water for vaporization on hot stones.

Spa atmosphere

From a 'Kneip'-hose over a gush bin, rain and massage shower till a plunge pool. Your visit will be a wonderful experience for you. At the following relaxation time you can choose between delicious drinks and healthy plates with fruits.

Courses (only after agreement)

In conjunction with our Wellnesspartners we offer you different courses: relaxation course, nordic walking, professional consultation for a healthy life etc.

Massages (only after agreement)

Further to the classic massages of the back an shoulders you can choose out of different administrations for example for the improvement of the vegetative nervous system (acupuncture, reflexology massage etc.).

List of Prices

each 2h , at least 10 persons



6,00 €

Kids till 12 years:

5,00 €

1 h probe sauna:

3,00 €

1h relaxing course:

3,50 €

A longer relaxation as 2 h is of course possible.