Appartments at the house Oelsnitz

Appartment 'Heidi':

The appartment 'Heidi' includes 4 rooms. 3 of them have bunk beds and 2 single beds. Beside every rooms contain a minibar.

At the fourth room there is a double bed.

Further the appartment includes a kitchen with a TV, a cooker, a fridge, a toaster and a coffee machine.

There are 2 bath rooms and a corridor.

Add a bed is available.

Appartment 'Andrea':

Our appartment 'Andrea' consists of 3 rooms. All rooms include a bunk bed, 2 single beds and one minibar.

Further ther is a corridor, 2 bath rooms and a kitchen with TV, fridge, toaster, coffee machine and a cooker. 

Add a bed is available.

Appartment 'Peter':

This appartment consists of one bedroom with a bunk bed and a double bed.

Further there is a kitchen corner (incl. toaster, coffee machine, fridge and TV). A bath room and a little corridor also excist.

Add a bed is available.

Appartments at house Reichenbach

Appartment 'Annerose':

'Annerose'  is on the second floor and consists of two rooms with a bunk bed and a double bed at each.

This appartment includes a bathroom, a living room and a kitchen( incl. TV, toaster, coffee machine, kettle, cooker, fridge).


Appartment 'Steffi':

It is on the first floor and has the same structure as 'Annerose'.


Appartment 'Roland':

'Roland' is at the end wall of the house Reichenbach. It includes a living room with  a TV, a bedroom (2 beds), a bathroom and a kitchen.